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Although the pandemic challenged the world over during 2020, putting people first
remains our top priority. We invite you to learn more
about the measures we have taken to prioritize the safety and wellbeing of our
young travellers.

Our founder, Karmini Naidoo spent 21 years in the travel recruitment industry, gaining
vast knowledge, making new friends, and building business relationships with
international companies. When travel fell due to the pandemic, Karmini wasted no time in
setting up another business iLikeCoffee Building Careers was born to provide means
of employment and internship to an industry that was on its knees due to lockdowns
and travel restrictions. From there, it grew into a fully intern run coffee shop. Now that the
world is beginning to reopen, and people starting to travel again, we are going back to
our roots, this led us to iLiketravel.

iLiketravel introduces the youth of South Africa to cultural exchange programs abroad.
Our commitment is to make your cultural exchange program change your life forever,
by gaining knowledge and personal development while working and travelling the world!